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Blue For Men Body Spray 200ml

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Original price was: 1,190.00৳ .Current price is: 990.00৳ .

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Rasasi Men’s Blue Spray, with a sharp, cool scent and a volume of 200 ml, is one of the ideal and special sprays of the Emirati company Rasasi.

In the initial moments of Blue Four Men spray, the combination of mandarin orange and mint will create a lot of energy and happiness in you. After a while, these starting notes will be replaced by middle notes. Middle notes are jasmine, geranium, coriander, pepper, rose.

After a short time, the final notes arrive and replace the middle notes. These notes are composed of amber, forest wood. These notes create a good mental and physical concentration and balance in you. This spray can be used in hot seasons and in places such as workplaces, parties and gatherings.

It will be very pleasing for you and the person who receives this spray as a gift, to buy my original Blue Four Men spray, considering its 200 ml volume, spicy and cool scent, well-known brand, and reasonable price .

Body deodorant sprays are available in two types of antiperspirant and deodorant on the market along with buying perfume.

Their antiperspirants contain compounds called aluminum chloride and antibacterials that can both prevent excessive sweating and reduce the amount of bacteria in sweat grains, thus allowing underarm odor. Do not sweat too much. My Blue For Spray

However, body deodorant sprays only contain deodorants and do not help much to reduce sweating or the number of bacteria in sweat.

The effect of deodorant sprays is usually less than their antiperspirant types because the combination of sweat odor with deodorants in these sprays after a few hours, creates an unpleasant odor.

If you are one of those people who do not sweat a lot or sweat but your sweat does not stink, we recommend using body deodorant sprays, but if you sweat a lot and your sweat stinks, you should use antiperspirant sprays that say Use “anti transpirant” on them. My Blue For Spray

Antiperspirant sprays are designed to prevent sweating, not to prevent clothes from sweating!

For this reason, if you want to get the desired result from the performance of these products, you should spray them directly on your skin, because soaking clothes in antiperspirant sprays has no effect on preventing sweating or even preventing underarm odor.

Of course, you can not apply deodorant sprays directly on your skin and spray them on your clothes, but some of these sprays contain compounds that direct contact with the fabric of the clothes can cause stains on it.

It is also important to know that your skin must be completely dry and clean before using any type of deodorant or antiperspirant spray.

Best time to use body spray: My Blue Four Spray

The best time to use antiperspirant sprays for people who sweat a lot is when they are out of the bath and their body is completely clean and they have not sweated yet.

But people who do not sweat a lot and their sweat does not stink, do not need to use spray immediately after bathing. They can spray a little deodorant before leaving the house to make both themselves and their clothes smell soft and pleasant.

Be careful not to use antiperspirant or deodorant sprays after sweating and smelling your body if you sweat a lot and your sweat smells bad. And it makes your body stink.

If you are sweating and do not have time to take a shower, first wipe your underarm sweat with a damp paper towel, then dry your skin with another towel and then apply a little antiperspirant spray.

Antiperspirant sprays also contain deodorants and there is no need to use deodorant sprays separately for those who use antiperspirants.

Another point is that our body does not have any special activity during sleep at night and for this reason it does not sweat much, so it is better to rest your skin a little, even if you bathe at night, and do not spray it with all kinds of wax and spray before going to sleep

Contraindications to body spray: My Blue Four spray

Although the use of antiperspirant and deodorant sprays is allowed for all people in different age and sex groups, but there are restrictions on the use of these products for some people.

For example, if you experience itchy skin for the first time after using a particular type of spray, you should know that you are allergic to the ingredients in that particular product and you should avoid using it. My Blue For Spray

Frequent use of sprays that cause itchy underarms can also darken the skin over time, as frequent scratching of the skin increases the activity of skin pigments and, as a result, darkens the color. Sensitivity to the use of antiperspirant sprays is even greater in people with eczema

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